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Management Member

Mary Beth Doyle


Mary Beth founded the Company and continues to lead all aspects of creative and sales initiatives at LoyaltyExpress. Her critical eye for detail, analytics, and design steers the direction of new product offerings, services, and corporate relationships. Nationally, Mary Beth has been recognized by Executive Women International as a top achiever in business. Previously, she held several executive-level positions for major data mining and business intelligence companies (internationally) as well as owning and operating start-up and consulting companies in the print and fashion industries.

Management Member

Jeff Doyle

Chief Executive Officer

Jeff is the CEO & co-founder of LoyaltyExpress and sits at the helm of the business, executing strategy and direction. His exceptional time-management skills and ability to clearly define processes and functions allow major accounts to thrive under his day-to-day leadership. Jeff is an integral thought-leader in the overall development of CustomerManager, MarketingCentral, and other proprietary technology advancements at LoyaltyExpress. His previous experience includes being a consulting executive to the mortgage industry as well as varied technical and customer management positions in the software and telecommunications industries.

Management Member

Scott Lojko

Director of Operations

Scott is the original developer of the LoyaltyExpress database solution and continues to manage all offline services for a national customer base. His exceptional ability to manage and manipulate data are core to the advancement of the Company. Scott is a major contributor to cross-media campaigns and LoyaltyScorecard™ offerings. He is well versed in multiple computing languages and served as a database design consultant before joining LoyaltyExpress.

Management Member

Eric Packer

Chief Operating Officer

Eric is the COO and executive manager at LoyaltyExpress. He has overall responsibility for operations, production, IT, and product development. His exceptional engineering insight and intelligence contribute significantly to the expansion of the business. Eric executes deliverables across multiple departments and has been instrumental in developing operational processes and in establishing digital-print and program-fulfillment guidelines. A recipient of multiple engineering and business degrees, Eric started and sold a prior company and was an early employee at a telecommunications start-up prior to joining LoyaltyExpress.

Management Member

Kelly Doyle

Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations

Kelly is an executive manager at LoyaltyExpress and oversees Client Services, Human Resources, and corporate-relations initiatives. Her ability to create and manage policies and procedures reflects highly on the Company’s ability to continuously exceed customer expectations. As a thought-leader in environmental science, Kelly manages all certifications and eco-friendly standards for LoyaltyExpress as well as recycling efforts. The rapid growth and product development initiatives at LoyaltyExpress are continuously monitored and reviewed for sustainability. Kelly previously held several management positions in international recruiting and high-tech companies.

Management Member

Mark Nappellio

Chief Product Officer

Mark manages the technical product development team at LoyaltyExpress and has been instrumental in the development and design of core product offerings. His expertise and natural ability to define and execute digital pre-press processes – as well as his overall technical product mapping – are critical to the Company’s success. Mark is the lead developer for MarketingCentral and cross-media campaigns. He was formerly a consultant to variable-data-print companies and established and owned his own marketing consulting firm.

Management Member

Paul DePasquale

Vice President, Production

Paul creates and manages the digital-printing environment and fulfillment center at LoyaltyExpress. His steady leadership and guidance have propelled the Company into the forefront of best-practices in print production. Paul is a thought-leader and practitioner on digital presses and workflow automation. Previously, he served as an instrumental team member to one of the most notable web-to-print companies in the United States based on his in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Management Member

Mike Bedard

Director of Implementation and Product

Mike is the day-to-day manager of major enterprise accounts.  His strong project and traffic management skills are integral to the ongoing success of client initiatives on both the CustomerManager and MarketingCentral platforms.  Mike has over 10 years experience working with financial institutions and the mortgage industry.  His exceptional attention to detail and organization allow the company to flourish.

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